Martijn : guitar/vocals
Michel : guitar/vocals
Natas : bass/artwork
π : dj/synth/samples

In 1994 Martijn met Michel at a common friends apartment. After a short conversation about music they both went their own way again. A few months later they met in a bar in Leiden and started to talk about they’re musical influences. They found out that they have a lot in common.

The day after Michel performed at the Pleinpop festival in Leiden. After the show they’ve decided to start a project together.


The next 2.5 years they’ve spend in studio the Cave working on a variety of songs. Before they took their music to the stage they formed the band Tools R Us with drummer Danny and guitarist π..

Within a few months they were invited to perform at the pleinpop festival, but they still weren’t able to find a suitable bassist. Michel decided to ask Natas to play bass with them. Natas did not have much experience at that time but took on the challenge. 3 months later the band had a successful gig. 3 demos and many gigs later the band split in 1999.

In October 2009 Martijn called Michel to start up a studio project again. The first night, in less then 3 hours they’ve written, recorded and mixed down the first song called “Smile”. They’ve found out that the magic was still there when they collaborate writing songs and started up the band again. Natas, Danny and π joined a little later to complete the bands formation.

In the mean time the band wrote enough songs to fill a complete concert. The next years were spend recording and practicing the songs so they could accept every gig they could get. In fact, recording and writing songs is a continuous process for the band, writing one song after another. Unfortunately in 2012 Danny decided to leave the band. The band decided not to replace him with an actual drummer and switched over to digital. With this new setting the band learned new skills and reinvented itself to the blend it is today.

In 2015 they released their album "esc". At the moment the band is preparing for live shows.